Easily navigate the parts of The LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme you will most frequently visit using any of the links below, just click on the name. 

Profile Dashboard

Your profile dashboard containing all your programme modules.

Knowledge Centre

Advice, tips and information you need to know to succeed on the programme.

LEAN Keto Recipes

A range of Finger Lickin' Keto and Low Carb Cooking Recipes. ​

The Accelerator Plan

A three-phase accelerator plan to help you maximise the benefits of the programme.

BodyFit Workout Plan

24 unique workouts that have been created in terms of fitness ability.

LK Progress Wheel

A 7-day LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme progress and assessment chart.

The LK Set Up

This module prepares you to start your LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme journey.

Video Library

This section contains a series of educational videos about carbs & sugar.

My Account

Your accounts page containing programmes you have subscribed to.

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