The Four Focus Areas of LEAN Keto

LEAN Keto focuses on four fundamental areas that will assist you in nurturing and sustaining an holistically healthy ketogenic lifestyle and maximising its benefits. LEAN Keto focuses on helping you to develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits. The word ‘LEAN’ is an acronym that stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. 

L is for Lifestyle - A focus on Sleep & Sleep Habits

The lifestyle element of LEAN focuses on developing daily habits that assist in making LEAN Keto a lifestyle. It also has a particular focus on developing better sleep habits. Sleep deprivation is the root cause of many of the ill health problems that we face today such as weight gain, diabetes and stroke. LEAN Keto can assist you in developing better sleep habits which will enhance other areas of your life.

E is for Exercise - A focus on Exercise & Fitness

Developing the right attitude and mindset is a fundamental part of succeeding in developing a LEAN Keto lifestyle or any lifestyle change. I would go as far as saying that before you can change your diet, you have to change your attitude and mindset. Your attitude and mindset have a tremendous effect on what you do and how you do it. The LEAN Keto method is a fusion of cognitive psychology, behavioural therapy, personal development, and health and well-being strategies, that work directly to influence the cognitive processes, that influence your behaviour, attitude and mindset.

A is for Attitude - A focus on Attitude & Motivation

Although exercise is not needed to lose weight on a keto diet, exercise is still a fundamental part of being holistically healthy. Exercise is a miracle cure we have always had, but some have neglected to take their recommended dose! The right type of exercising as you live a LEAN Keto lifestyle will compound its benefits. Research shows that physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing the risk of stress and depression. 

N is for Nutrition - A focus on Low Carb Nutrition

Ketogenic nutrition is the foundation of LEAN Keto. Balanced keto nutrition is the key to optimal health. It can provide many other benefits besides weight loss. The kind of food you eat affects the way you feel and how your body functions. The benefits of a ketogenic diet are many. Besides weight management and diabetes reversal, good nutrition is essential for the body and all its systems to function optimally for a lifetime.

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