Hi, I am Ken Barnes - Mr SugarDrop

 I am guessing you are concerned about either your rising blood sugar levels, weight gain, your constant yo yo dieting, about eating too much sugar or maybe your stress levels are affecting your health and your feeling burnt out and run down.

I understand your feelings, as I used to feel the same way too. However, it does not have to continue to be that way for you.  Reset Lifestyle Coaching can help you.

Here is the short version of my story ​

  • I was an overweight guy, with a big stomach who felt he looked older than he was.
  • I was embarrassed by my weight and hated looking in the mirror.
  • I was on my way to getting full blown diabetes.
  • I also could not sleep at night because my weight issue had made my sleep apnea worse.
  • My energy levels were so low I would fall asleep in the day at the drop of a hat and even worse dose off at times when I was driving.
  • When I started adopting SugarDrop Lifestyle principles everything changed for me.
  • My weight dropped off and I lost over 50 lbs.
  • I reversed my pre-diabetes and cured my sleep apnea.
  • I am now healthier, leaner and fitter.
  • I feel so much stronger.  
  • I often get told that I am looking younger.
  • I am so grateful for what my SugarDrop Lifestyle has done for me and my life.
  • Now, I am now dedicated to helping people achieve the same results I did using the SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching.

Reset Lifestyle Coaching guides you through the same process I went through to

My mission is to impact the lives of as many people as possible with the life-changing principles of the SugarDrop Code and build a community of people striving to make health a habit.

The personal experience I have gained over my journey gives me a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by anyone trying to reverse prediabetes, lose weight or manage a sugar addiction. I have also gained a number of accredited qualifications, which have allowed me to serve my clients in a more focussed and effective way.

Reset Lifestyle Coaching helped me to become a more effective Father

The greatest desire and wish I have in my life, is to be the best parent and Father I can be to my two girls who life up my life. My daughters are my world and I can not be the best Father I wish to be to them, if I don’t look after my health and allow myself to become sick. I found this truth out, the hard way.

There was a period in my when my health declined in such a way, that I felt so tired and unwell, I did not have the mental or physical energy to engage with properly. Fortunately, that was in the past, I dread to imagine what my life and health would be like now, if I had not made the changes I did. The most satisfying moment of my SugarDrop journey as I worked to get my health back on track was when my children told how proud they were of me, that I was their ‘Super Hero’ and how they loved getting their old dad back with renew energy.

What do people say about Ken?​

Testimonials from people who changed their lives – for the better.

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Researched and Evidenced-Based​

In Loving Memory of Inez Barnes

SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching and principles it is grounded in are affectionately dedicated to my beloved mother Inez Barnes who is always in my memory and forever on my heart; whom without, I would not have graced this world.  It was her sad passing away through weight-related conditions and the grief that consumed me, that led me down the path to discover, understand and live a SugarDrop Lifestyle.  My efforts to assist her with her weight loss proved ineffective using the knowledge I possessed at the time when she was alive. 

I hope that the knowledge that I gained after her passing, although it came too late to assist with my mother’s weight and health, will be able to assist and save the lives of many thousands of people in years to come.

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