Privacy Policy cares about your data privacy and strives to do all that it can to secure all personal information provided to it by its users. Please, read the following Privacy Notice carefully to understand how we retrieve, use, and guard your data.

Information that is gotten from browser

We store standard access logs of all website visits. This data covers page visited, browser information, internet address, and time of access. All these have the potential of being personal identifying. We also store data covering how users interact with our site, which might include scrolling, clicks, etc.

Why do we need this information?

This data is retrieved solely to comprehend better how users use and how to secure better the services offered.

Information provided as Member

When you sign up for any of Ken M Barnes programmes, your data covering name, payment information, and email address are collected. Alongside this information, we also collect data covering all subscription payments, statistics, and data on how the site is used, videos viewed, and last site visits. In an effort to comply with VAT regulation, you will also be requested by us to supply your country of residence, and we might retrieve your internet address.

We do not store your actual payment details like the full details of your credit card. All payment details made available by you to is processed and stored by our third-party payment service providers.

Your stored order and basic information are displayed in your account after a successful registration.

By signing up and providing us with data considered sensitive personal information (health information), you permit us to handle such data.

We may also retrieve and store data gotten from you through survey offered you via or our mail.

Why do we need this information?

  1. Your personal information and financial data are used to charge and set up your membership account.
  2. Your payment information is retrieved and stored as mandated by law. For example, for VAT and accounting reporting.
  • We monitor activities on the site to protect and secure your information and our services offered.
  1. Your email is needed to allow us to communicate with you when needed for membership.
  2. For our response to support request, we need to retrieve and store some of your data.
  3. To improve the performance of our site and services, we may contact you to assist us in this and have to store the information provided.

Information you provide to us

When you comment on post and articles made available on or rate a video, recipe, answer or ask questions, mark content as favorite or watch later, customise a meal plan, or submit information in any other way this information is processed and stored. This data may include your internet address, which has the potential of being personally-identifying. If you are logged in, this information might be linked to your account.

We do not filter any user-submitted content sent by you as a success story, comment, or something similar. Please, always take caution on what sensitive health information or personal details you disclose during these activities as they will be visible for all who visit the site. By submitting your content for publishing, you give us the right to publish such content with that sensitive information included.

This information can also be stored, processed, and transmitted by third-party service providers in efforts to detect spam and the effective operation of the site.

Why do we need this information?

  1. To be able to publish your comments, stories, and other similar activities.
  2. To be able to effectively monitor the usage of our site to ensure it works as intended.
  • To improve the services we offer to you.
  1. To secure your information and our services offered.
  2. To detect spam and other kinds of inappropriate use of our site.
  3. To understand our services and publish reports periodically. In such cases, the information will be combined and analysed before publishing. All personally identifying information will be removed.

Information provided to our third-party

Ken M Barnes will never share your information with any third-party except when mandated by law or required by the third-parties used by us to improve the performance of

Our third parties only handle services such as payment processing, network data transmission, spam detection, and other similar activities. We remain responsible for your information we provide to our service providers, and such information will only be used and stored for the specified purpose in this document.

Legal backing for storing and processing your data

  1. When providing services in response to your requests and actions or when providing membership services, we store and process your information based on the performance of a contract.
  2. When we want to improve, operate, or ensure the safety of our services, we store and process your data based on the weighing of interest.

When we store and process your personal data for activities mandated by law such as accounting and VAT, we do so based on the Legal Obligation.

Cookies Policy

In order to ensure the smooth running of certain processes, Ken M Barnes uses cookies. Cookies are small, harmless text files that are stored on your computer or smartphone when you access our site. These text files allow you to create your account, manage your account, pay for a membership, and place orders. It also allows us to serve you better.

You can delete the stored cookies on your computer or device by following the laid down procedure by your browser. You can also turn off cookies in your browser. However, you won’t be able to operate the site properly. For example, you won’t be able to sign up or sign in for membership account.

WordPress, the publishing system our site runs on, can store and process temporary and/or permanent cookies on your device to allow you to comment on our website or logging into your membership account.

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