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I am known as Mr SugarDrop. I am a proud Father, a certified Health and Mindset Coach and the creator of The SugarDrop Code. At over 50 years old, I was overweight, worried about getting diabetes with a sugar craving that was out of control.

Using a now tried and tested method I lost over 50lbs in six months, reverse my prediabetes, cured my sleep apnoea, gained lots more energy and stopped my sugar addiction…


You are 3 steps away from changing your health in ways you never thought possible.

A 30 minute zoom call with me, during which you will learn how you can reset your mind, body and life in a simple but effective way.

Assess your personal needs and create a focussed plan that fits in with your current needs and lifestyle.

Once your needs have been assessed and goals established, you will be presented with a tried and tested programme and regain your health.

Reset Lifestyle Coaching

SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching can end the frustration you are feeling about your health with a proven method that works.

  • Are your concerned about prediabetes or Diabetes?
  • Have you been struggling to lose weight?
  • Is a sugar addiction ruining your health?

Reset Lifestyle Coaching can help you.

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