Reset Lifestyle Coaching can end the frustration you are feeling about your health with a proven method that works.

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Reset Lifestyle Coaching can help you to:

What is Reset Lifestyle Coaching?

Reset Lifestyle coaching is an evidence-based programme which will provide you with a complete plan of action to reset your mind and body and regain your health and vitality in ways you never thought possible.

The coaching programme will focus on four areas fundamental to your physical and mental welling, nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindset.

The programme is packed with educational resources that will help you to understand what you need to do, why you need to do and how you can do it, in a simple and uncomplicated way that fits into your lifestyle and make health your habit.

You’ll learn

Just imagine for a second how fantastic it would feel to:​

  • Reverse your prediabtes or Diabetes
  • Lose weight in ways you never thought possible and keep it off
  • Get rid of your sugar cavings and regain your health 
  • Constantly get complimented on the way you look and ask what the heck you have done to achieve such an astonishing transformation;
  • Enjoy higher energy levels and know that you are getting healthier every day
  • Check yourself in the bathroom mirror and go, “Don’t I look just fabulous?!”;
  • Gain massive amounts of confidence because of your newly toned body (which, by the way, will enhance every area of your existence, including your career and sex life);
  • Set a good example for your children so that they can lead a healthy and disease-free life, well into their old age;
  • Enjoy clothes shopping more and look fantastic in all the clothes you buy;

The RESET YOU programme includes

Premium Group Coaching

You will have access a series live interactive coaching calls. These coaching calls are conducted on a weekly basis.

Live Educational Webinars

A series of live educational webinars covering a range of topics in developing new lifestyle habits.

24/7 Chat Support​​ System

24/7 support through our chat support system where you can asks questions whenever you need help or guidance

Daily Motivation

The motivation and accountability you will receive during the programme will keep you on track to achieve your health goals.

Cheat Sheets and Guides

These guides will help you make better food choices. number of foods, fruit and drinks from around the world

Delicious Reduced Sugar Recipes

. We have a range of delicious recipes from around the world, which include European, Caribbean and Indian recipes.

Interactive PDF Workbooks

Our programme workbooks and worksheet are provided in an interactive editable PDF format.

Mindset Tools

Our mindset tools will help you to reframe any limiting beliefs you may have and assist you in developing new empowering thoughts.

If you love your food, no need to worry, you will not have to eat boring food or measure your portion sizes?​

I love my food too. SugarDrop Code Lifestyle Coaching is not about eat boring food, or eating less, it’s about eating DIFFERENTLY!

You will be able to eat when you are hungry, until you feel full. 

However you like to eat, whether you are a carnivore, a vegan or plant-based eater, you will access to a wide range of delicious healthy recipes that are beautifully presented online in an easy to view and understand format. 

You will be able to​

You will not have to

Do you have to go the gym or exercise at home?​

The simple answer to this question is NO!  You do not need to exercise to benefit from Reset Lifestyle Coaching.  I have had a number of clients who have gained the results they desire without exercise. 

However, research has shown that exercise has so many benefits, which include better blood sugar control. So although exercise is not a required part of this programme, if exercise is something you can and enjoy doing,  then we do recommended some form of exercise because of its benefits to our overall health and wellbeing.

Reset Lifestyle Coaching Is Changing Lives

Who in your life would happy if your weight, blood sugar and health improved?​

Imagine how your family and work will benefit from a healthier and more productive you. With no more worrying about high blood sugar levels or feeling anxious about your health because of your weight gain or high stress levels. Using the tried and tested methods you will learn in SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching programme, you can reset your body, reset your mind and reset your life which will help you to be the best you – you can be.

Book a FREE Discovery Call

Let’s have a chat if you would like to find out more on how this coaching programme may be able to help you.  It will also be an opportunity for me to learn more about your needs and work out whether the programme or my coaching style would be a good fit for you. Booking a Discovery Call does not obligate you in any way. Click the link below and let’s get you Discovery Call booked in the calendar.

Researched and Evidenced-Based​

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