Weight Loss Plateaus


It can, and likely will  happen at some point: a weight loss plateau. What should you do when the number on the scale refuses to change? Well, first you have to be sure you’re realistic with your weight loss expectations. 

If you have the right targets in mind but do not lose weight at a desirable rate, what follows are common reasons.

One reason is that you are gaining muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. This is common among those who work out, especially if they are new to exercising. If this happens, your body weight may stay the same even though you are making excellent progress.

Another reason is water retention, which is common while dieting due to various reasons, including hormonal changes. It can cause the number on your scale to stagnate although you are doing well on the fat loss front. The good news, however, is that your body will rid itself of this excess water after a while. This often happens quickly – you wake up, and you are five pounds lighter.

If you strictly follow your diet and there is no improvement, cut your carb intake. In case you apply the LEAN Keto reduced carbohydrate level (RC), switch to low carbohydrate ketogenic level (LCK). If you follow the low carbohydrate ketogenic level, switch to the very low carbohydrate ketogenic level (VLCK). If you are already on a very low carbohydrate ketogenic level, then you need to do three things. 

First, check your protein intake – you should consume between 1g and 1.5g per kilogram of lean body weight. Adjust your protein intake if necessary.

Second, review the quantity and quality of your sleep. Do you get between seven and nine hours of quality sleep every night? If not, remedy the situation. Chapter 10 will show you how to improve your sleep.

Third, check whether you have been feeling stressed lately. Stress can impede weight loss by causing water retention and affecting insulin levels. If you feel stressed, try to get this under control. This can be tough at times, but meditating and focusing on the root cause may help.

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