How I went from fat, tired, and frustrated to lean, energetic and body confident by living a LEAN Keto lifestyle.

It can be tough to look in the mirror and feel disappointed and embarrassed by your body. I know because I used to feel that way.​

Even though I had worked for years as a personal development trainer and motivational speaker, behind the public persona was an individual dealing with his own life challenges, particularly about weight and appearance. I always found it hard to stick to my weight loss and healthy eating goals. Sometimes, even a small setback would be enough to derail my diet.

You may be checking out this programme because just like I did;

You see, much of the weight loss, nutrition and health industry is hopelessly broken. Instead of helping people improve their weight, health and well-being, this industry is filled with myths, scams, and lies.

It is obvious that the current weight loss and dietary guidelines that many people are following are not working.

Just look at the statistics

1 %

30% of the world’s population is obese.

1 %

Diabetes affects 4.3% of the UK population.

1 %

72% of American adults are overweight.

Even though billions are pumped every year into promoting “healthy” eating and living, we keep getting fatter and unhealthier.​

Are you ready for a tried and tested method to lose weight, keep it off, and improve your health?

If you want to transform your weight, health, and well-being​ then it is time to take an approach drastically different from what most “nutrition gurus” preach as best practice. The time has come to embrace principles and methods that are scientifically proven to work.

Just imagine for a second how fantastic it would feel to:

You can achieve all this and much more with the LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme.

The simple science of getting lean, fit, and healthy.

Live Longer, Feel Stronger and Look Younger With LEAN Keto

This programme guides you through the same process I went through to:

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme is not a 'quick-fix-diet' plan.

 Although you can more than likely will lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, the programme is aimed at developing lifestyle habits aimed at developing a new you leaner, fitter, and heallhier you – for the rest of your life.

My weight and health transformation started when I was over 50 years old.

It’s true! When it comes to your weight and good health, it is never too late to start making health your habit. Whatever your circumstances and age, your current level of fitness, or lifestyle pace, you can, without a shadow of a doubt, transform your weight and health, with LEAN Keto!

To lose weight and transform your health and well being is not as challenging as you think – if you do the right things. The LEAN Keto Lifestye Pogramme  provides a clear and structured plan to acheive your weight loss and health and wellbeing goals

Are you ready to take the leap, to go LEAN Keto, and transform your weight, manage your blood sugar levels and improve your health and mental well-being in ways you never thought possible?

Is your anwser YES! Well then, now it is the the time to drop the excuses, accept that it is time for a new way of doing things and put this powerful LEAN Keto method into action. You will achieve incredible energy levels, boost your insulin sensitivity, and build a body that has you grinning broadly every time you look in the mirror.

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle is more than a guided educational, coaching and training programme - it's the start of a new leaner and healthier way of life for you, that can be maintained for many years to come.

LEAN Keto Lifestyle is a power-packed, unique programme that has been designed with your results in mind. You will not find a more resource-packed and effective  programme anywhere else – GUARANTEED

I am guessing you now have a some questions about the programme.

In the following sections you will learn.

What is the LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme?​

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme is based on the book LEAN Keto. This 4-week programme will assist you in applying the life-changing principles of LEAN Keto into your everyday life.  The programme is a science-based fusion of cognitive psychology, behavioural therapy, personal development and health and well-being strategies. 

As you progress through the programme you will be guided each step of the way using our easy to follow system to develop new daily habits and achieve your weight loss and health goals. 

What areas does the programme focus on?

The programme focuses on guiding you to achieve your weight and wellbeing goals by focussing on the four pillars/focus areas of LEAN Keto. These four focus areas work together to help you lose weight, manage your blood sugar and lead a healthier life.

The four focus areas are:

Low Carb Nutrition

Better Sleep Habits

Sleep deprivation affects all areas of your life. LEAN Keto will assist you in developing better sleep habits which will enhance other areas of your life.

Exercise & Fitness

Attitude & Mindset

Before your body can change, you mindset has to change. The programme activities of LEAN Keto have a particular focus on  impacting your mindset.

Ketosis and low carb nutrition forms the foundation of LEAN Keto. Balanced nutrition is fundamental to effective weight loss and optimal health.

Exercise is a miracle cure, we often don’t get enough of. The right type of exercising as you live a LEAN Keto lifestyle will compound its benefits.

What makes the LEAN KETO Lifestyle programme effective?

New research has uncovered neurological and behavioural reasons why forming new habits can be difficult. Changing our eating habits of a lifetime to Keto and developing a LEAN Keto lifestyle, can be challenging. The exciting thing is, this scientific research also gives clues on how to overcome the challenges of forming new habits and behavious that will help you to lead a LEAN Keto lifestyle. 

This programme has been created using science-based-researched and incorporates much of what modern day science indicates is the best way to adopt new attitudes and behaviours. The programme uses a process called ‘Healthy Automatic Behaviour Information Transfer’ to embed in your ‘Basal Ganglia’ your brains habit forming centre, new and improved thoughts and behaviours that will help to adopt and sustain your new Keto lifestyle habits.

What do you get when you join the programme?​

When you enrol in the LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme you will has access to a feature rich series of over 40 modules and a series of programme activities. The LEAN Keto lifestyle programme has been designed to change the way your conscious and sub conscious mind works by nurturing daily habits that will help you to lose weight, detox your body and live a healthier, leaner lifestyle.

What are some of the core features and benefits of the programme?

A Feature Rich Programme

Complete the programme anywhere you have internet access

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme contains a series of over 40 modules which are completed online, using your computer, tablet or your smartphone. When you enrol in the programme you will have access 24-hour access to feature rich, science-based process that has taken years to develop. You will be able to complete this programme anywhere you have a smartphone, tablet and internet access.

Keto & Low Carb Recipes

Choosing what to eat on a keto and low carb diet can be challenging at times.  I know because I experienced the feeling. Many programmes just offer a series of recipes in a PDF in a downloadable. I did not want to do that so all the programme recipes are beautifully presented online in an easy to understand format. 


 You will be able to chose from over 80 finger lickin’ low carb cooking recipes, which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. To help you decide and plan your meals better, each recipe contains the nutritional value of the recipe, in terms of carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie content. Along with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each recipe. This will make deciding what you want to eat while your on the programme and your meal planning easy to do. The programme also includes a number of other tools that will help with your meal and macronutrient planning.

Caribbean Low Carb Recipes

For all you lovers of caribbean food, you don’t have to miss out on many of your favourite dishes, just because you are now eating low carb. Your online recipes include a series of low carb Caribbean breakfast, lunch and dinner options. These recipes include delicious dishes like jerk chicken and low carb cauliflower rice and peas.

Indian Low Carb recipes

Courtesy of Sahli of the famous Headbangers Kitchen our programme includes a number of his delicious Indian low carb recipes. From low carb naan bread to keto indian curry.

LK BodyFit Workout Plan

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme makes exercising with our BodyFit workout plan.  Based on the Tabata model, this high intensity interval training (HIIT) 4-week Plan is presented in an easy to understand navigate online format. The workout plan has 24 unique workouts that have been created in terms of fitness ability. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate and advanced stage of training, our workout plan can work for you. Each Tabata routine is easy to understand and the workouts require minimal equipment. All of the major muscle groups that you use for each exercise are listed. There are also accompanying animated images to help you effectively visualise and execute each exercise. 

LK Accelerator Plan​

If you are really serious about your gaols and want to kickstart your results, the LEAN Keto Accelerator Plan will help you do this. The LEAN Keto lifestyle programme has a three-phase accelerator plan that has been created to help you maximise the benefits of the programme.  The LK accelerator nutrition, sleep and exercise plan will guide you in achieving your weight loss and health goals faster and more effectively. The LK accelerator plan will help the pounds drop off and guide you to continue with the principles of LEAN Keto after the programme has finished.

LK Information and Support Centre​

When you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, the knwoledge you gain helps you to stay focussed and commited. The programme provides n information packed, easy to navigate, online library containing the dos and don’ts of keto and low carb nurtition and living. Tips for improving your sleep and developing better sleeping habits. Advice on the best forms of exercise for your weight loss and health and series of mindset and LEAN Leto lifestyle tips. Our LK Centre contains all the advice information you need to know to succeed on the programme. Armed with the knowledge in the LK centre you will achieve your weight loss, health and fitness goals quicker and in a more effective way.

LK Planning & Goal Setting Tools

My success on my LEAN Keto journey would not have ben possible without using these tried and tested series planning and goal setting tools.  My years in training and development helped me to develop the easy to follow steps that will bring your results. You will gain a clear understanding of not only what your weight loss, health and fitness goals are; but also why you want to achieve them. These tools will help you to easily plan and map out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Using the LK action planning method you will become mored focus and have increased motivation that will help you overcome any challenges or setbacks you may have on your LEAN Keto journey.

LK Progress and Review Tools

 You will be very pleased with the effectiveness of the LEAN Keto progress and review section, especially the self-assessment progress wheel, which you not find on another programme anywhere..  You will have access to a series of unique self-assessment tools especially designed and created for the LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme. These easy to use tools will assist in periodically showing you how much you have progressed towards to your weight loss, health and fitness goals.  They will also provide you with guidance on what areas you may need to place extra focus on as you progress through the programme.  These tools will give you clarity, focus and increased motivation to achieve your programme goals. They will also give you a great sent of accomplishment every time you complete them.

LK Video Library

As we don’t all take in information in the same way, we have created an educational video library will activate your visual and auditory senses. As part of the programme you will have access to the LK video library containing a series of educational videos about keto and low carb, improving sleep, the dangers of sugars and how to keep motivated. These videos will help you to increase your knowledge and understanding in a  fun and engaging way.

LK Mindset and Motivation ​

I cannot express enough the importance and impact our mindset and motivation programme activities will have on you.  Many people changing and adopting to a new lifestyle challenging, they find sticking to it, even more challenging, The mindset and motivation activities has been especially created to embed new thinking and habits in you. Having the right attitude and mindset is a core foundation of LEAN a Keto.  As part of  your enrolment in the programme you will access to a series of daily LK activities aimed at inspiring the right mindset in you at a conscious and sub conscious level. Having the right mindset is key to your success during the LEAN Keto lifestyle programme. Using our mindset and motivation activities you will feel uplifted and inspired each day to complete the programme activities. Our LK activities will not only nurture a more motivated and inspired you, they will increase your ability to adhere and complete the programme. 

How To Use Explainer Videos

How often have you got confused or frustrated trying to work out how to use or get the best out of a programme you have purchased? I do not want that to happen with my programme. So to help you understand  how to use and navigate the programme, I have created a series of ‘How To Use’ videos.These videos explain in a clear and concise way how to use all the LEAN Keto modules, sections and programme activities.

The LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme has so much more in store for you, once you enrol.

Here are some of the most common questions asked about the LEAN Keto Lifestyle Programme!

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