Measuring your weight loss


You should not get too caught up on the number on the scale. It does not offer an accurate representation of fat loss. Here is what I want you to do instead.

First, use clothes to measure your progress. You may notice a difference in how a shirt, top or a pair of trousers fit as you progress on your LEAN Keto journey. Men often register this by the way their shirts or tops grow loose around the stomach. For women, it is usually the pants becoming looser around the hips. You chose the piece of clothing you want to use and make sure you consistently use it to measure your progress, by the way you look and feel in it. 

Using clothes to measure my progress was a great idea for me. It stopped me from getting frustrated by the lack of real movement on the scales as I could see that I was losing weight because of the way my clothes were fitting me. Weighing yourself everyday or even too often can lead to frustration and disappointment. If you are intent on using the scales, try to keep it to once a week, in the morning, at round about the same time.

Take progress pics once every two weeks – one from the front and one from the side. In this way, you can monitor your progress consistently. When taking pics, make sure to use the same lighting and clothes each time.

If these evaluation methods show that you make progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, continue with what you are doing. Otherwise, start examining your diet adherence. Do you follow the diet as outlined or do you sometimes get off track? If the latter is the case, fix the problem to kickstart your weight loss again.

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