Corpse Pose

Muscles Used

  • None- It is a relaxation technique

Advice On Technique

  1. Start by laying back with your knees bent, feet flat to the floor and arms out to the side
  2. Gently lift your hips and start to lengthen the pelvic area, slowly lower the hips back down
  3. Release one leg out fully at a time and have them slightly apart
  4. Bring your arms out to 45 degrees by your side
  5. Close your eyes and relax, getting rid of any thoughts that you may have in your head, this may take a lot of practice, that is why you need to focus on breathing from the lower abdomen if you feel your mind travelling refocus back to the breathing
  6. As you breath focus on the feeling in your body sinking into the ground
  7. Starting with your toes start to scan the body for any tension and relax
  8. Roll the outer thighs out to the side as you relax the pelvic area
  9. Feel the heaviness in the whole of your body as you slowly breath
  10. Keep the neck, shoulders and face relaxed including the jaw bone
  11. To release from the pose start to slowly move the fingers and toes, gently moving the arms and legs
  12. Practise makes perfect, even if you can only switch off for a minute or two that is better than nothing, you will get there. Believe and trust in yourself
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