Quad Stretch

Muscles Used

  • Quads 

Advice On Technique

  1. You may want to support yourself by placing your hand on to a wall or a chair if you feel you can’t do this free standing
  2. Standing tall feet facing forward, legs hip-width apart with soft knees
  3. Stretch out your right arm to the side to help balance
  4. Gently bend your knee bringing your heel towards your buttocks
  5. Reach round with your left hand and hold the foot in position
  6. You should feel a stretch going down the front of your quad
  7. Keep both knees in line with one another
  8. Your pelvis should be slightly tilted forward which helps support the lower back
  9. Remain tall in your upper body
  10. Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds
  11. Slowly release your supporting hand from the foot and lower your foot back down to the neutral position
  12. Repeat on the other leg
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