Tricep Stretch

Muscles Used

  • Triceps 

Advice On Technique

  1. This can be done either standing or sitting
  2. Choose your desired position
  3. If standing have your feet facing forwards, legs hip-width apart with soft knees
  4. If sitting, feet flat on the floor facing forwards, legs slightly apart
  5. Have a tall upright torso in either position
  6. Start to raise your left elbow up towards the ceiling so your upper arm is parallel to the side of your temple
  7. Drop your arm down towards your shoulder blades
  8. With your right arm lift this over your head so your hand can reach the upright left elbow
  9. Hold the elbow and feel the stretch in the tricep
  10. Hold for 10-15 seconds
  11. Then slowly release and return to neutral
  12. If this stretch is too advanced you can bring your arm across the front of your chest, making sure the shoulder does not hunch up
  13. With your other arm hug the stretched arm into your body to feel the stretch
  14. Hold for 10-15 seconds then return to a neutral position


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