Upward Facing Dog

Muscles Used

  • Stretches the chest, shoulders and abdomen

Advice On Technique

  1. Start your position in downward facing dog
  2. From downward facing dog move forward to the plank pose, bend your knees and lower the body to the floor (do not touch the floor with the body or legs) have the elbows in by your side and hands in line with the breastbone
  3. Engage the shoulders blades down the back as you open the chest, start to straighten the elbows as you bring the chest up, engage the thighs to keep them off the floor, have the shoulders in line with the wrists
  4. Hold for a few seconds as you push back into downward facing dog with arms and legs fully extended, drop back down into a plank position focusing on keeping the legs straight and strong
  5. Slowly lower the legs down hovering off the floor as you go back into upward facing dog, repeat this process a few times
  6. Finish in downward facing dog and bend the knees to release from the pose
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