Kathy S

My LEAN Keto Story – The results were instant.

Kathy S.

Why did you take part?

I decided to do the LCHF challenge because, like most people, I needed to shift a few excess pounds that had been slowly creeping on over the year. Together with a close friend, I liked the idea of taking on the challenge, within a group of like-minded people, all curious to see what benefits this type of diet might reveal.

How was the experience?

After meeting Ken Barns and the way in which he explained the LCHF diet approach, I thought, “for only 7 days, why not give it a try”. He kept the group focused and accountable, by asking us to share our daily food diary and thoughts about the challenge within the group. Being with people all going through the same experience, able to share our choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner was an inspiration. It certainly brought out some creative meal ideas.

What did you gain?

For me, the results were instant. I lost 1.1kg (2lbs) in just 7 days by cutting out carbohydrates, only eating fish, meat, vegetables and the right type of fats. An unexpected bonus was that I felt fuller for longer, full of energy and of course achieved weight-loss. I’ve decided to carry on with the LCHF diet, but will stop calling it a “diet” and see it as a healthy lifestyle choice. I have Ken to thank for that.

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