LEAN Keto Recipes


Low Carb Meals

Breakfast, Lunch, dinner & snack recipes

As part of the LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme you have access to a series of keto and low carb recipes to assist you with eating delicious meals over the course of the programme.

The recipes will also assist you planning what you intend to eat, during your LEAN Keto Lifestyle programme journey.

Hover your pointer over a recipe and it will display the carb, protein and fat content for the meal.

Using the list menu, there are a number of ways you can search and browse the recipes.

  • Meal Types
  • Cuisines
  • Main Ingredient

You can also use the search option to search for a recipe by name. Each recipe is beautifully presented in an easy to understand format.

Each recipe includes:

  • Each recipe has an ingredients list with checkboxes, which you can use to ensure you have all the recipe ingredients needed
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each recipe
  • Guide to how long it will take to prepare and cook the recipe, along with how many people the recipe will serve
  • The macros of each recipe, in terms of calorie, protein, net carbohydrate and fat content

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