BodyFit Workout Schedule Days 1 To 28

Simply follow the daily workout number and match it up with the workouts and exercise descriptions that are listed after the workouts.

  • Each day a daily workout is indicated by a number. For example on ‘Day 1’ you will see ‘Workout 1’.
  • To view the workout for ‘Day 1’ just click the link and you will be taken to an overview of that workout routine.
  • Each workout is completed once for beginners, twice for intermediates and three times, if you are at an advanced level of fitness!
  • If you click on the name of an exercise, you will find an explanation on how to perform it with the correct ‘form’.
  • All of the major muscle groups that you use for each exercise have also been listed.
  • There are also accompanying animated images to help you effectively visualise and execute each exercise.
  • There is a warm up and cool down routine that should be used at the beginning and end of each workout. 
  • However, you don’t really need to perform the cool down routine with the yoga and foam roller workouts.

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