Extended Puppy Pose

  • Stretches the spine and shoulders

  1. Start by being on all fours with shoulders in line with the wrists and hips in line with the knees
  2. Walk your hands out in front of you so the lower part of the arms (from the elbow to the wrist) are on the ground and you curl under the toes
  3. Exhale as you move your glutes halfway back towards your heels
  4. Keep your arms engaged keeping the elbows off the floor
  5. Relax your neck as you drop your forehead to the ground
  6. Press your hands into the ground as you stretch forward with your arms and pull back towards the heels with your hips to feel the stretch
  7. With each slow breath lengthen your spine in both directions
  8. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable
  9. To release from the pose place the glutes back down onto your heels
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