RESET YOU Programme

Reset your body, reset your mind and reset your life

What is the RESET You programme?

The L.E.A.N MindBody Method RESET YOU is an evidence-based programme that will provide you with a complete plan of action to reset your mind and body and regain your health and vitality in ways you never thought possible.

The programme will focus on four areas fundamental to your physical and mental welling, nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindset.

The programme is packed with educational resources that will help you to understand what you need to do, why you need to do and how you can do it, in a simple and uncomplicated way that fits into your lifestyle and make health your habit.

Reset You is for you if you would like to

You’ll learn

You will be able to​

You will not have to

The programme includes

One-2-One Coaching Support​

The programme includes a series live interactive coaching calls using zoom or another suitable platform. These coaching calls will be conducted on a weelky basis at a consistently scheduled time.

Chat Coaching Support​​

During the course of the coaching programme, you will access to coaching support and advice 7 days a week through our chat support system. (Support and response times will be agreed during our initial coaching discovery call).

Tele Health Platform

During the programme you will have access to our  tele health coaching platform which is fully HIPAA compliant. The platform can be accessed online as well as through an IOS and Andriod app.

Programme FREE Gifts

This programme entitles you to a years Free membership of The L.E.A.N MindBody Method online membership programme. You will also receive a FREE copy of The L.E.A.N MindBody Method Book - The science of getting lean, fit, and healthy.

Who in your life would happy if your weight, blood sugar and health improved?

Imagine how your family and work will benefit from a healthier and more productive you. With no more worrying about high blood sugar levels or feeling anxious about your health because of your weight gain or high stress levels. Using the tried and tested methods you will learn in RESET YOU, you can reset your body, reset your mind and reset your life which will help you to be the best you - you can be.

RESET YOU Is Changing Lives

A complete mind and body reset

This will be one of the most complete and resource packed programmes you will ever take part it in. The foundation of the programme is based on The L.E.A.N MindBody Method book, and The L.E.A.N MindBody Method however, it goes much deeper and takes what you will learn in the book to another level. It encompasses much of my 35 years of training and coaching that has transformed the lives of so many people.

RESET YOU helped me to become a more effective Father

The greatest desire and wish I have in my life, is to be the best parent and Father I can be to my two girls who life up my life. My daughters are my world and I can not be the best Father I wish to be to them, if I don't look after my health and allow myself to become sick. I found this truth out, the hard way.

There was a period in my when my health declined in such a way, that I felt so tired and unwell, I did not have the mental or physical energy to engage with properly. Fortunately, that was in the past, I dread to imagine what my life and health would be like now, if I had not made the changes I did. The most satisfying moment of my RESET YOU journey as I worked to get my health back on track was when my children told how proud they were of me, that I was their 'Super Hero' and how they loved getting their old dad back with renew energy.

What do people say?

Testimonials from people who changed their lives – for the better.

Book a FREE Discovery Call

Let’s have a chat if  you would like to find out more on how this coaching programme may be able to help you.  

It will also be an opportunity for me to learn more about your needs and work out whether the programme or my coaching style would be a good fit for you. Booking a Discovery Call does not obligate you in any way.

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