Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live With Sahil From Headbangers Kitchen

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When I first started my low carb journey there were two things that I was concerned about. The first was about eating fat, as I had always been told that fat was bad for me and it would clog my arteries and give me heart disease.

After some extensive research on the matter, this notion was soon dispelled from my mind when I learned that not all fats are bad, in fact, the fats that I was being encouraged to eat on a low carb diet were not only good for me, they also had a protective factor.

The other concern I had was the taste of low carb food. I love cooking and coming from a Caribbean background my food was always full of exotic flavours and spice. I was concerned that I would miss out on the kind of delicious tasting foods that I was used to.

One day I came across a YouTube channel called Headbangers Kitchen with a charismatic presenter called Sahil. Sahil was from India and he was sharing Indian keto and low carb recipes on his channel, that looked absolutely delicious.

I spent ages on his YouTube channel and then took a look at his website I was in my element, as I had found a series of low carb recipes that I felt I could easily make and would also enjoy.

So, you can imagine my joy when I reached out to Sahil to be a guest on the Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live Show and he accepted my invitation.

Sahil from Headbanger Kitchen

This was an interview I was really looking forward to and Sahil did not disappoint. In his relaxed manner he shared his journey into the low carb world and how through his wife’s efforts he was encouraged to follow a low carb diet.

Sahil also spoke about the challenges of starting and maintaining his YouTube channel and how the turning point in the channel’s growth came about.

We spoke about the moment he realised that his channel was changing lives, something that Sahil did not set out to do, but as a result of his consistent posting of recipes and videos happened.

In the interview, Sahil also spoke about his love for music and we also spoke about his approach to low carb and keto eating and his thoughts about being strict on eating keto and low carb, his book Keto Life and so much more.

The interview was engaging and educational and I am sure you will enjoy watching it and will learn a lot about eating a low carb diet.

Thank you Sahil for being a guest on the Make Health Your Habit Podcast Live Show, it was great talking with you and I wish you every success for the future.

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